Second Life

by Vincent Inciong

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This album was recorded between December 13, 2011-January 13, 2012 while I was home recovering from a heart attack. I was 35 when it happened and it gave me some pretty crazy and unasked for perspective that I am very grateful for today.

It has taken me a while to move on this project - which means it has been sitting in a hard drive - I had to come to terms and find my own peace with my experiences first. I am in a much better place now and I feel it's time to share it with whoever wants to listen.

Everything is self produced and I have the amazingly talented Jerzy Jung playing piano and singing in "Let You Be".

I hope you give my EP a chance and I hope you enjoy it!




released July 18, 2012

Vincent Inciong - vocals, guitars, ukulele, bass, synths, drum programming, & percussion.



all rights reserved


Vincent Inciong New Jersey

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Track Name: Forgetful Me

I forget all the times I
Forgot everything
Darling you know that I’m a mess

I remember a time that,
Wasn’t quite this bad,
I know I’m much better than this

I hope you don’t feel that
I take you for granted,
I know sometimes this is true

It’s not that I don’t notice,
or appreciate,
All the wonders that you do

Forgetful me, Is all I can say,
Forgetful me, You make me feel this way,
Forgetful me, Thanks for nothing

Do you remember the times when,
We were kids?
We’d sneak away and mess around

I don’t know what this has to,
Do with this song,
I guess I forgot what I was singing about

I wish I could apologize
But I already wrote a song called “I’m Sorry”
I wish I had more to say, forgetful me!
Track Name: Hit The Floor

I don’t know if you know me any better than I do,
But if you do, please tell me what you know,
I don’t know if I’ll get the answers to all the lies I think I’ve been told,
But if I do, please give me a hand to hold?

Baby, if I knew I’d be the last to come around,
I’d have hustled a little more,
And maybe if I knew I’d be the first to come around,
I’d have fallen down and hit the floor

Everyone says that it’ll come around,
“what goes around comes around” that resounding sound,
always ringing, singing, dinging in the back of my head,
just wanna tune it out, fade it out, burn it out and go to bed,
How can I let it out in not so many words?
From all the lies that I’ve told and all the lies that I’ve heard,
I guess I can’t go it alone - slow down.

After all these years I’m still singing about all my fears,
When do you think I’ll get it right?
With all the time I took, I never took good enough of a look,
And now all I see is what I left behind
Track Name: You Are Mine

I can see you face it’s so
Lovely full of grace,
And I can’t get you out of my mind

I try so hard to let you go,
I can’t walk out the door without
Running back to see your eyes

And I know I’m your super hero,
And you should know, I am yours

I can say I'm the luckiest man alive,
When I look into your eyes I see love,
I can take all the hurt I felt before,
And throw it out the door and feel fine,
Because you are mine

I’ve waited all my life for this,
33 years built me up for this,
And I can’t wait to live some more

I never thought I’d feel this way,
With every single breath I take,
I feel new meaning in my life

You should know you’re my super hero,
And you should know, I am yours

With every step you try to take,
For every time your heart will break,
I’ll be there at your side

For every moment you feel alone,
Anytime you need to come home,
I’ll be there to give you a ride

You should know your mom’s a super hero,
and you should know, we are yours
Track Name: Made For This

Everyday when I wake up,
I look out the front door,
I wonder if I’ll have a happy day

But it’s like every morning,
I run the same old rat race,
With the same old song and dance playing,
Please take me to my happy place

I don’t know if I’m made for this,
It’s just not me anymore, It’s just not me anymore,
I don’t know if I have time for this,
Time isn’t on my side, but it’s for me to decide

I can feel it coming like a nasty fever,
Cold insecurity down my spine so I drink a whole bottle of wine
Son of a bitch, I shouldn’t have done that,
But I’m glad I did even though I know I’ll be hurting pretty bad tomorrow

Driving, walking, running, fighting, screaming, yelling everyday,
Cussing, fussing, bitching, sinking, kicking, punching feeling ashamed,
When will this ever end?
Tell if this will ever end?
Track Name: Let You Be (featuring Jerzy Jung)

I’ll say a prayer for you,
I don’t pray too much but I hope it comes true,
My demons have silenced for now,
I’ll be the calm before your storm somehow

I’ll try to reason with you,
Without telling you what to do,
It seems so hard to open your heart,
Even though I’ve known you from the start

I can’t feel you, I want to touch your soul,
Don’t want to see you, dig yourself into a hole.

I don’t want to do to you, what you’ve done to me,
I don’t want to run to you if you run away from me – so I’ll let you be

Don’t say that I’m not your friend,
I’ve always been the one to defend you,
I’d have your back all the time,
But you always put a knife into mine
Track Name: Second Life

Alone what's this pain in my chest?
Its not a broken heart
Wish it was as simple but it's not

Did I do this to myself
or was it shit bad luck?
It hurt like fuck

It doesn't matter anymore,
It doesn't matter I'm up off the floor

This is my Second Life
Time to make the wrongs go right
Say “I love you” to all I love
This is my Second Life
I love my daughter and wife
If love is all that matters then I'm fine
Life's good and I love mine

What's next? How do I come out of this place?
Do I have what it takes?
Time will tell but I've got that

I'll laugh it off - that's how I deal with distress
When things are a mess
Laughter and love heal all